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We welcome you to the island we call home. Allow us to share our wonderful surroundings with you.


The island Faial is located in the Azores archipelago, a group of 9 islands that lie in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean , some 1000 miles east of Portugal . Although autonomous, the islands belong to Portugal and Portuguese is the language spoken here.

We offer you 2 different types of self catering accommodation on this wonderful island: a town apartment in Horta, near the beach and within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and the marina, where outdoor activities such as whale watching, swimming with dolphins, fishing, scuba diving and sailing are based; and 2 rural cottages with a view of the ocean at Fonte do Capitao on the mountainside above Cedros on the north side of the island, 25 kms from Horta.


Ian and Sian Carter, Canada Larga, 28, 9900-343 Cedros Horta, Portugal.
Tel: +351 292946644